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Top 3 Traits of the World's BEST Coaches

You're really adept in your field, and so you think now is the perfect time to start teaching others. But if you've never coached before, what do you need to know?

Earth Day: Q&A with Nina Berenato

To celebrate Earth Day today, we caught up with Nina Berenato, whose jewelry-making business won a PLATINUM environmentally friendly award!

What is “Toxic Positivity,” and How Does it Affect You?

Have you heard of the concept of "toxic positivity"?

If you haven't, then it probably seems like a confusing or contradictory term...You can see how toxic negativity is a thing. Being negative and pessimistic brings you down.

How to Market to WOMEN!

(Top 3 Tips)

Did you know, women control 85% of spending worldwide? And here in the U.S., women spend anywhere from 5 trillion to 15 trillion dollars a year (with men spending only 3% more)??

Being a Female and An Entrepreneur (the skills of empathy, juggling, caring, giving back)

As a female entrepreneur, you probably get a lot of conflicting information about how you "should" act. Is it OK to be assertive? Or will that make people not like you? Is it OK to be kind, or does that mean people will take advantage of you?

How Having a “Lucky” Mindset Will Bring Your Business Good Luck...

Have you ever heard of the concept of “making your own luck”? We all tend to falsely think that whether our business succeeds or fails comes down to "luck."

Juggling Mom Life With Building a Business!

March is the month of celebrating women and mothers everywhere! But many people just don't realize how challenging (even if amazing) it is being a mom. Especially if you're trying to run your own business too...

3 Ways To Use Instagram To Win More Clients

Instagram: a lot of people think of it as the place you go to get food, family, and pet pics. But it's actually also the place you go to change your life and your customers' lives for the better...IF you know how to leverage the platform!..


How to Stop Running Your Business Like a Guy (and Why It Will Run Better When You Do!)

What does it mean to run your business like a woman? Well, it means implementing smart, unique strategies based on who YOU are!

When we tell you that you're running your business "like a man" right now, do you have any idea what we could mean? Or does the concept sound sexist? Wait, hold your horses! "Running your business like a man" simply refers to a couple of stereotypical masculine traits or behaviors, that are good in some ways, but NOT for long-term growth in marketing ...


5 Ways to Master Your Social Media Content

As an entrepreneur, you have surely realized the importance of having a strong social media presence for your business. It is no longer an option, but rather a must-have if your business is going to survive and thrive. While most entrepreneurs tackle their social media with good intentions, the truth is that most just aren't doing it in a way that will attract customers and grow their business.


10 Self-Care Habits of Thriving Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs deserve a medal. Not only are you busting your butt to run a successful business, but you are also managing the daily demanding responsibilities of a household, kids probably, and, sometimes, even another job. Talk about exhausting! More often than not, self-care gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list for the sake of the bottom line. Don’t fall into this trap! If you’re going to have a healthy business, you need a healthy person running it (that’s you.)


4 Steps to Reprogram your Brain for Success

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It takes long hours, a lot of hustle, and endless determination to make your dream work. At least that’s what the “hustle culture” in our society would like you to believe. Hustle culture wants entrepreneurs to think that earning a six-figure income is almost impossible and the journey long and gruesome. This mindset leads to burnout and not to long term success.


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Crack the Pinterest Code

You may know Pinterest as the place to find cute gift ideas or a new recipe to try, but if you are an entrepreneur it is so much more than that! With over 400 million users every month, it is the perfect place to connect with your audience and drive massive traffic to your blog. Cracking the Pinterest code may seem daunting if you are a new blogger, coach, business owner - or just new to Pinterest, but it really isn’t rocket science.


5 Keys to Mastering Anything

We recently interviewed Ciji Siddons, a Business Mentor, Success & Prosperity Speaker, Personal Development Trainer, and 7 figure business owner who has worked up the ranks in the personal wellness industry over the past decade - a real-life ‘bartender to millionaire’ story.


20 reasons you’re missing out if you’re not marketing on Pinterest

If you’re not leveraging Pinterest marketing for your online business, then you are leaving some serious money and traffic (aka money) on the table!


10 brilliant podcast episodes for online entrepreneurs…

Have you listened to the She Reigns Creative podcast yet? If not, you’re seriously missing out on some amazing brain food for your business!


The top 10 things online business owners need to know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably a phrase you’ve heard of, as part of your marketing or website strategy as a business owner.

But how much attention did you pay to all that jargon? And does it even matter?

What does an online business owner need to know about SEO anyway?


8 ways to create more engagement with your social media content

It’s called social media for a reason. But you already knew that, of course! You’re on ALL the platforms, and you love interacting with your friends and family.

But when it comes to your online business, do you struggle to create true engagement?

How can you remain authentic across all platforms, keep up with comments, posts and contribute to others in your online space, while trying to grow your business?


5 Reasons to be on LinkedIn Right Now

I know what you’re thinking when I mention LinkedIn….

Isn’t it just for finding jobs?

I haven’t updated my profile for years.

It’s just for connecting with old co-workers and people I met at conferences 10 years ago.

Well think again!


Why More Women Are Turning To Entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise… and about time!

Women are running their own show more and more, in fact 40% of new entrepreneurs are female, and there are more self-employed and women-owned businesses than ever before.

We are thankfully no longer in the days of women depending on others, including their bosses, for financial stability.

So what’s caused this dramatic shift ?


Is Your Money Mindset Sabotaging Your Business?

It’s time to get real and talk about a topic that is probably uncomfortable for most female entrepreneurs.

Money is way too essential for us to consider it “taboo” or inappropriate to talk about. As an entrepreneur, money influences our lives daily and is at the forefront of what you are doing and thinking every day.

Female entrepreneurs are slaying it in the online business world and have more control over their financial health and success than ever before. So why do 90% of women still feel insecure, guilty, or ashamed of their finances?

It’s time to stop being quiet about this topic and discuss how your money mindset could be sabotaging your business.


How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Online Business

Let’s start with one basic truth: your online business needs a social media presence to grow. Your business lives online so if you’re not on social media you are at a severe disadvantage. Social media platforms connect you with potential customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your sales. More than three billion people around the world use social media, most of them daily. Just think about the immense potential this gives your online business!

Keep reading to learn how to use social media to grow your online business.


5 Ways To Grow Your Online Business

Congratulations! You took the leap and started your online business you’ve been dreaming of. Exciting...but scary, right? You’re determined to make it work so you put in crazy hours and work extra hard but you aren’t seeing the results you want. Or maybe you’ve had your online business for a while but your growth has become stagnant. Don’t stress! All businesses struggle sometimes and need a little help. If you need help to grow your online business, check out these 5 quick tips.


How (And Why) To Get Testimonials For Your Business

It’s no secret that happy customers are the key to growing your business. So how do you let potential customers and clients know that your previous customers are pleased with your services? Testimonials, of course! Even in this digital age, word of mouth is still a super powerful tool for marketing. In fact, a study found that 92% of people trust testimonials more than any other type of marketing.

Learn how to get raving client reviews that will boost your business!


7 Myths About Running Your Own Business

Let's face it, ditching the traditional 9-5 job and running your own online business is quickly becoming the norm. And for good reason! When you work for yourself you don't have to worry about pleasing your boss, having very limited vacation time, or working hard so someone else can be successful. You are working for your dream and the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. That is an amazing feeling!

With all that being said, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about running your own business. Let's look at a few of those myths and why they are bogus.


8 Tips To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Have you started a new business but don’t feel like you belong? You love what you do- that’s why you wanted to do this as your job after all! So why does something still feel off?

If this sounds like you, you might be suffering from imposter syndrome. This is a totally common thing for entrepreneurs and can be crippling to their business. But don’t stress! We are here to help you overcome imposter syndrome and rock your business!


13 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Congratulations! You took the leap and started your own business. You are finally making your dreams a reality. You are now a businesswoman. But what if you’ve never run your own business before and feel clueless about what to do? What if you’ve tried before and failed at another business venture? It's easy to look at successful entrepreneurs and think they have some big secret to success that you don't.

Successful entrepreneurs are not super-humans, they just possess these habits.

13 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


Top 10 Marketing Pillars

If success in marketing is your goal, there is a specific marketing foundation that you should be following religiously. These top 10 marketing pillars that evolved from traditional marketing to digital marketing and will grow with whatever follows after. Whether you are new to the entrepreneurial scene or are an old pro, you need these 10 marketing pillars.

If you want to make money and have a thriving business, these top 10 marketing pillars need to be at the top of your list. Let them guide you through your marketing planning and watch the magic happen.

Top 10 Marketing Pillars


5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To UP Your Game

You may think a pandemic is a crazy time to start a new business venture or even take a risk in your current business, but you might be surprised to lear the truth. Here are five reasons why it's the perfect time to UP your game!

5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Up Your Game


Reasons Why Your Email Open Rates Are Decreasing

For the most part, great emails will get opened. But that isn’t always the case. There are billions of emails being sent out every day. Yes, you’ve read that right. Billions of emails, so if yours isn’t getting opened, then there’s something missing.

There could be a number of different reasons why your emails aren’t being opened. So let’s go over some of the best ways to make sure that when you hit send, that your email is the best it can possibly be.

Reasons Why Your Email Open Rates Are Decreasing


How to Beat The Instagram Algorithm By Doing These 6 Things

Whether you love it or hate it, Instagram is here to stay and is becoming an increasingly popular tool for business owners to market their business and connect and engage with customers. One tricky thing about using Instagram effectively is that the algorithm for who sees your posts and when is constantly changing. In this post, we will go over six things you can do to beat Instagram’s algorithm.

Learn How To Beat the Instagram Algorithm


3 Copywriting Tips To Make You A Better Blogger

If you’re suffering from blogger’s block, and you feel you need help writing engaging content, you’re in luck. Here are 3 copywriting tips to make you a better blogger. These tips will help you write content that holds the viewer’s attention.

Blogging isn’t easy. In fact, it can be very difficult. People’s attention spans are drifting as an uncontrollable amount of information is being published every day.

3 Copywriting Tips To Make You A Better Blogger


Are You Taking Advantage Of YouTube For Your Business?

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet after its parent company Google.

More and more people turn to YouTube for help on changing a tire, doing a boat braid, or slicing a pineapple.

So many entrepreneurs make Facebook and Instagram lives as part of their daily routine, but forget how powerful YouTube can be. Learn just how to take advantage of YouTube for your Business.

Are You Taking Advantage Of YouTube For Your Business


Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire A VA For Your Business

You’ve finally done it. Your business is humming along, growing even, but you find yourself being stretched thinner and thinner every day as you try and stay on top of the growing list of tasks necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

Maybe you’re trying to be a hero, thinking you can do it all yourself, or worried about spending the money to hire help.

Instead, what if you considered freeing up 5 to 10 hours a week with a VA (Virtual Assistant ) as an investment in your business?

Five Reasons Why You Need To Hire A VA For Your Business


Why Gratitude is Important, Even When It's Hard

We all know in theory that we should be grateful for what we’ve got, but bringing gratitude into practice can be a bit more challenging for some than others. Unfortunately for most of us, our modern lifestyle runs contradictory to what is necessary for experiencing gratitude, but with a bit of conscious effort and consistency, we can manifest this experience more often in our daily life and gain substantial benefits as a result.

Why Gratitude is Important, Even When It's Hard


Network Marketing Myths - Only the people at the top make money!

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are looking for a rewarding way to put it into action, you may have looked at network marketing as an option. Network marketing, formerly called multi-level marketing (MLM), is an excellent way to expand your professional network and develop a lucrative source of income. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding network marketing that could discourage interested entrepreneurs. One of the top myths is that only people at the top make money. Here’s why that’s not true.

Network Marketing Myths Only people at the top make money


3 Things you need to Succeed in Network Marketing

Many people join a home business opportunity, an MLM company or a network marketing company with one thing in mind – either gaining financial freedom or gaining time freedom – they truly want to succeed in network marketing – however they don’t know where to start, and through a combination of not knowing where to focus their efforts, getting distracted by the latest and greatest techniques, or their dwindling confidence, they quit.

3 Things you need to Succeed in Network Marketing


Why you're struggling as a Network Marketer?

So, why are you struggling as a Network Marketer? No one ever said success was easy. Still, it’s frustrating to work hard and not be able to meet your goals. Network marketing in particular requires a powerful blend of focus, ambition, and confidence. Let’s look at some common reasons.

Why you're struggling as a Network Marketer


What is Holding You Back: Goal Setting Tips for Network Marketers

What’s holding you back from earning your desired salary? You’re talented, smart, and cute — so why aren’t you rich and famous yet? You might think it’s a matter of luck, or time, or just not “getting there yet.” But the fact is, it usually comes down to your goals and whether you’ve set yourself up for success.

Goal Setting For Network Marketers


5 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs using Instagram

Instagram is a highly visual platform with 1 billion monthly users. That means it’s a great way to promote your new business. In fact, Instagram has a large and very active community of entrepreneurs, especially women who are leveraging the platform’s strong sense of community to grow their brands. It all can seem overwhelming. Don’t Fret

5 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs using Instagram


The Challenges Facing Women in Entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurship may be at an all-time high, but the fact of the matter is, those women are still facing some stark challenges out there in the business world.

If you’re a female entrepreneur and feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle sometimes, it’s because you are. Here are the top three challenges that women entrepreneurs are facing in the modern day.

The Challenges Facing Women in Entrepreneurship


Why Running Ads Won't Make You a Six Figure Beachbody Coach

For Years Beachbody Coaches have turned to running Facebook Ads and Instagram shoutouts for attracting new coaches and customers, and still many people pour money in to ineffective ad campaigns which bring in poor quality leads. And as the audiences on Social Media get smarter, people know the type of ads to expect from coaches.

Does that mean Coaches should never run ad campaigns? Absolutely not – but they do need to be more well thought out than the class I’m looking for 10 Women/Moms/Go-Getters etc….


What is this Locus of Control that Melissa McAllister Spoke About?

Prior to taking to the stage at Beachbody’s annual leadership event this weekend, my friend and long-time client Melissa McAllister said to me “You’ve worked with me for years now – why am I so consistent?”.

Honestly, it’s the question so many people want to be answered by Melissa! As a 10 Time Elite, 7 Time Top 10 Coach, Melissa has remained consistent in the Beachbody Business and continues to appear in the top lists for the company – but how?

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