#30 The 99% Rule and Cultivating Community With Ciji Siddons

Whats up NWM Champs…its Hera Zee and you're listening to the NWMC Podcast! In this episode we get to hear from Ciji Siddons, MLM Millionaire Leading her team of 82,000 (maybe more) to success!

If you are someone who is CRAVING some insider tips on cultivating community then this episode is for you! You’ll get to hear exactly how Ciji grew a rock solid COMMUNITY, a formula she stumbled upon for MASTERY of any topic, her story of how she went from “bartender to millionaire” and Why anyone can do this but not everyone will!

* So wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing… pop those headphones in bc this is where we build… Network Marketing Champions! So sit back, Relax & Enjoy!!!

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